© 2010 - Crabtree Services LLC Your partner in small business computing in Northwest Houston. Desktop & Laptop Repairs and Upgrades Do you have a broken Desktop or Laptop? Do you like your current computer, but it just needs a few upgrades to make it better? Then we can help. CDS performs most types of repairs and upgrades to many name brand computers. Some of the repairs and upgrades we do are listed below: Laptop/Desktop Power Supplies Laptop/Desktop Hard Disk Drives Laptop/Desktop System Boards Desktop Processors Laptop/Desktop Memory Desktop Video/Audio Boards Laptop/Desktop Modems/Networking Boards Laptop Screens Laptop Keyboards Laptop/Desktop Cases & Cooling If your PC is broken or needs upgrading, then give CDS a call. (And yes, we can do repair work on Macs too.) Made with Xara Repairs   Crabtree Data Services has experience repairing most major brands including: Apple Acer Asus Dell Gateway / E-Machines Hewlett-Packard / Compaq Lenovo / IBM Toshiba Repairs and upgrades can also be performed on many other brands depending on parts availability.   help@crabtreedata.com